Euromillions Results Tue 19 March 2019


Euromillions Results Tue 19 March 2019

Euromillions Winning Numbers


Euromillions Prize Breakdown

Match Winners Prize
5+2 0 €17,000,000
5+1 1 €753,943
5 3 €58,534
4+2 16 €5,368
4+1 445 €206
3+2 842 €152
4 1,048 €69
2+2 12,395 €27
3+1 22,274 €16
3 55,355 €12
1+2 65,710 €14
2+1 324,348 €9
2 794,043 €4

Euromillions Introduction
The first time or first day the Euro million ticket could be purchased and when it started a global lotto frenzy was on the 7th of February 2004. The first drawing was held in Paris a week after the ticket sale which was the 13th of February 2004. This lotto is authorized in few countries which are the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland.
Though this game’s tickets are only available in those few countries, it is available over the world which is done by purchasing Euro millions ticket online through their website. Before, the original draw of this game was only once in a week but the draw increased to twice a week due to an additional ball to the ‘star number ball set’ in 2011.
How to Play
The game can be played by matching five main numbers which ranges from one to fifty (1 – 50) as well as two additional lucky stars numbers which ranges from one to twelve (1 – 12). Euro millions can be played from home and in any country in the world. Since there are none member countries, interested players can buy tickets at any ticket outlet or at a retail shop or any of the participating government lottery websites. It can also be played online both domestically in the authorized member countries or interested members from non-member countries.

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